Flying an unmanned aircraft?


Everything you need to fly drones safely, confidently and legally.

Drones are an excellent tool, but common mistakes can have serious consequences


common mistakes drone operators make
  • Improper or no permits
  • Inadequate insurance
  • Lack of operational training
  • Not enough understanding of aviation and airspace rules
  • Wrong UAV for the job
  • Lack of UAV safety equipment
  • No communication procedures with manned aviation
  • No emergency protocols


  • $25,000 in fines
  • Crashed equipment
  • Confiscated equipment
  • Shut-down of operations
  • Open ended liability
  • Inability to obtain results


Recent studies show 90% of all commercial drone operators make at least one common mistake and may be subject to fines or other consequences.

In Canada and the United States it is illegal to fly a drone for commercial or research purposes without valid permits, insurance and a full operations and safety manual. However, securing the correct permits, insurance and creating an operations manual can take your business months and leave your equipment gathering dust. Worse yet, you could apply incorrectly and end up totally grounded!

Droneability ensures your permits are done right the fi rst time and helps you avoid common and costly mistakes, allowing you to focus on your business and achieving your goals.

Droneability ensures you avoid common and costly mistakes and helps you achieve your goals

Droneability includes everything you need to take your business to new heights:

  • Full operations and safety manual.
  • Permit applications.
  • Complete, hands-on training programs with your own drone.
  • Insurance
  • Flight mission support.
  • Processing & GIS
  • Regulation updates.
  • Custom user interface.
  • And more.

Our clients range from small businesses to large multinational companies and government organizations.

With over 20 years of field experience, and a presence on the federal Advisory Board to the Minister of Transport, our certified team can help you overcome the hassles and the headaches of successful drone operations.

Your Droneablity subscription includes comprehensive training on operational and safety processes, equipment capabilities and limitations, along with hands-on flight training and deployment strategies specifically designed to meet your goals.




Droneability is a subscription based service that helps companies maximize the benefits of using drones while minimizing the risks.

Subscribe today and receive annual training, up-to-date permits, and on-going operational support. Droneability is the ultimate operational UAV program to meet your needs.

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